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Company Description

We are a team of Experienced HR Consultants providing client companies with high quality solutions
We are specialized in providing clients with solutions in Recruitment and Training for both:
White Collars (From Entry Level to Top Management)
Blue Collars (Specialized Technicians , Permanent and Outsourced Labors).

We develop total HR Management Solutions that deliver higher levels of business success at affordable costs where distance is of no relevance.
We understand how critical it is to have the right people in the right position that’s why we assist our clients in building their databank of people that are the fuel that would run their business houses. We pick and choose the best available talent in the market to align to your business needs.
Most managers and business owners do not have the time or the experience to handle recruitment and selection. Since making the wrong recruitment decision, can be both expensive and time-consuming to correct, it’s essential to be confident that you can attract and employ the best person for the job