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Company Description

Started its work after 25th Jan revolution as one of its profits that has been came from initiatives and thoughts that has been released to be one of Pillars of the Renaissance in a country that has a lot of resources and abilities.One of the most important ability that this country has is the human resource element who buffeted some impurities as a result of corruption,which has been nested for long decades and created a suspicious culture of despair and frustration
The idea has been started by noticing that most of the charity foundations in our Arabic countries care about giving the fish without caring about educating people how to catch it! As most of charity work’s Confines in Satiating hunger and guaranteeing orphans and widows .etc, and it`s huge projects that we thank the people who made it for it and asks god to bless them ,but in charity work we can rarely find development projects working on different branches of the main Renaissance project which carries on her shoulders different fields like founding different definitions to the modern management and changing people culture and from here our believe came from,by founding this entity that cares about
*Publishing the work culture
*Filling the gabs between what people learn in college and the work market needs
*Enabling our Arabic companies and foundations to be qualified to apply the definitions of the modern management
*Publishing the culture of investment in people’s mind
*Create a good relationship between the work